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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is our most frequently provided service. We cover both domestic and commercial premises and are popular with landlords and tenants as an end of tenancy service. Our professional team will ensure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and well looked after. Regular cleaning not only makes the living space look better, but also improves the hygiene and air quality.

Before starting the cleaning procedure a thorough visual inspection is carried out on the carpet to be cleaned to ascertain any problem areas or stains. Vacuuming, traffic lane pre-spraying and stain removal treatment will be applied where appropriate, before the areas are agitated. Only then will the cleaning take place using a professional hot water extraction machine, leaving the carpet damp to touch thus ensuring the carpet dries as quickly as possible.

Capet Price List

Minimum Charge £45



Lounge 15x12 (Approx 5M x 4M)


Lounge/Diner 28x15 (Approx 8M x 4M)


Average Size Hall/Stairs & Landing


Large Bedroom


Small Bedroom




Carpets In One Bed. Flat No Stairs (L, Hall, 1 Bedroom)


Carpets In One Bed. House (L, H/S/L/ 1 Bedroom)


Carpets In Two Bed. Flat No Stairs (L, Hall, 2 Bedroom)


Carpets in Two Bed. House


Carpets in a Three Bed House


Carpets in a Four Bed House


Carpets in a Five Bed House